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Krav Maga, Fight Science

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Anonymous said: Could you tag all your videos? I am trying to find one I thought you re-blogged and I can't find it... It involved grabbing a gun while it's being shot. Maybe you didn't post it... but still, could you tag the videos? :)

I’ve only posted like 2 ever, so don’t go crazy looking for them! I’ll tag them from now on and try to go back and tag what I’ve already posted.

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15 year old Mike Tyson.


15 year old Mike Tyson.

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I need more friends on TSTO so add meeeeeeee: ionlyknowmymind on origin

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For anon:


I’ll put a link on my page soon

there are only 2 vids though…I’ll try to post more!

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Anonymous said: I am a 15 year old girl that has never done any exercise, could i learn krav maga?

well of course! it’ll be tough, but rewarding in the end. and if you stick with it, you’ll be surprised at all that you can accomplish. if you do plan on taking krav classes, start doing cardio on your own so that come your first class, you won’t be completely overwhelmed. best of luck :)

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